Work With Us

Team Dedicated to your Success

As your partner in aromatic innovation, Value Fragrances & Flavors lends broad support through the entire fragrance and flavor development process from creative and marketing to technical and production of your customized scent or flavor. We believe that a successful outcome is the result of having the best people on our team and working alongside our clients to understand their project goals and exceed their expectations for innovation, quality, service, and price.

Our Advantages

Customer Flexibility

As a mid-sized company, Value Fragrances & Flavors is perfectly positioned to grow with your brand.  We understand that a successful fragrance launch often starts with modest production quantities which is why we offer extremely reasonable minimum order quantities (MOQ) and never penalize clients for small purchase volumes. 

The VFF team is deeply committed to offering our partners the most compelling pricing available to support their long-term growth, whether it be for a 40 lb. or 40,000 lb. order.  By sourcing our raw materials directly from manufacturers and purchasing in extremely large volumes, we are able to pass cost savings on to our customers and create a significant advantage for their brand.

Research & Development

We maintain a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the latest precision equipment for fragrance and flavor quality analysis, duplication and product base compatibility testing.  

The VFF creative team has invested decades in compiling a rich library of both proprietary and brand equivalent fragrance and flavors that is continually updated to keep up with the latest trends and brand introductions.  As a result, Value Fragrances & Flavors always has the perfect scent or flavor and offers equivalents for most major personal care, household and industrial brand products.

When you need a partner with the technical capabilities to create an exact scent or flavor duplication Value Fragrances & Flavors has the answer.  With our Gas Chromatography analysis capabilities, we achieve a perfect match to even the most sophisticated fragrance, flavor or essential oil compounds.

Production Capabilities

Value Fragrances & Flavors operates out of a 50,000 square foot custom built factory housing all operations including sales, research & development, regulatory and production. Within this facility we maintain an inventory of1500+ raw ingredients to ensure that we are never short of hard to find components and accurately forecast customer requirements months in advance.  As part of our strategy to fully support our partners, we offer the shortest order turnaround times in the industry, typically within 72 hours of purchase to shipment, and often even faster on rush items.  Whether you need a small order filled immediately or recurring large volumes kept on hand in our warehouse, Value Fragrances & Flavors can accommodate.

Ethics & Sustainability

Increasingly consumers and retailers are demanding ethics and accountability from the brands that they choose to ally with. As your supplier Value Fragrances & Flavors is committed to sourcing sustainable materials on a fair-trade basis both because it leads to higher quality vendor relationships and because it is the right thing to do.  We are proud to have decades-long relationships with some of the most highly regarded trading partners around the world who are committed to utilizing renewable harvesting techniques and fair employee compensation.

Global Reach

With clients around the globe, Value Fragrances & Flavors supports shipments to any international destination.  As your U.S. based supplier, we provide regulatory documentation for all major markets, freight selection and booking, and order tracking once your shipment has left our facility.

Safety & Regulatory

Value Fragrances & Flavors utilizes only proven, safe perfumery ingredients and provides Globally Harmonized System (GHS) SDS, International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and EU Allergen documentation as standard on all fragrance compositions.  As a global fragrance supplier, we are at the forefront of international compliance and will assist you in navigating the regulatory landscape in any country you wish to use our fragrances in. Additionally, we offer formulations specifically designed for compliance with virtually all existing and emerging regulations including California SB258, EWG Clean Ingredients, and ISO 9235 Aromatic Natural Guidelines.